Instructions to determine what Library books and textbooks are owed

YPP - Community Service Hours

YPP Agreement and Sign-In Sheet

Volunteer Opportunity - Summer Camps


Attendance Contact

Email the Attendance Clerk for early checkouts or absences.

Kim Dean [email protected]

Florida Summer Job - Florida Elks Youth Camp Hiring Now

Scholarship Newsletters

2019-2020 Community Service Training Calendar for Reporting Volunteer Hours

Student ID/Lanyard

All students must have a current school ID worn on a lanyard.  Both were provided at no cost.  However, if they lose their ID or leave it at home, they are required to purchase a replacement ID/lanyard for $5.00.  If they do not have the $5.00 on them then a $5.00 obligation will be generated and must be paid in order to clear the obligation. 

2019-2020 High School Hours 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

2019-2020 SAT/ACT Dates

SAT -  8/24/2019                           ACT - 9/14/2019

           10/05/2019                                   10/26/2019

           11/2/2019                                     12/14/2019

           12/7/2019                                     2/8/2020

           3/14/2020                                     4/4/2020



Balloon Grams - Send to your friends and/or teachers

2019-2020 Parking Application

2019-2020 Off Campus Lunch Application (Seniors & Juniors)

2019-2020 Dress Code

Class of 2019

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School Parent Student Compact


Cumpulsory Rules on Student Attendance