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Dual Enrollment Book Requests

Project LIT Booklist

PRHS Media Center Vision:

The vision of the Media Center is to be the center of collaboration, curiosity, adaptability, critical inquiry, and transliteracy at Pine Ridge High School.

PRHS Media Center Mission:

Our mission is to empower students to be critical thinkers, effective and ethical users and producers of ideas and information, and lifelong readers and learners, in order to become successful citizens in a global society.  Our students will meet these challenges while retaining a strong sense of their own culture, diversity, and heritage.  

Mrs. Smith

Mrs. Smith--Media Clerk

E-Mail [email protected]

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Hackey Reading

Mrs. Hackey--Media Specialist

E-Mail [email protected]

Welcome to the PRHS Media Center
2021-2022 Florida Teens Read
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Most 2021-2022 FTR books are available via E-Book!

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The library is your center for work, exploration, research, discovery, and calm.
Enter with purpose and be where you are supposed to be. 
If a student disrupts this environment, he/she will be asked to leave.

Food and drink are NOT welcome in the Media Center.  Only water bottles with lids are allowed. 

All are welcome here.  You may check out books, work QUIETLY on assignments, get tech support for your 1-to-1 devices, or get assistance from Mrs. Hackey with anything related to what the Media Center has to offer.  Horseplay is prohibited.  The Media Center is a place for learning.  If your behavior and/or noise level interferes with the learning environment, you will be asked to leave. 

Tables and chairs are placed to maximize study/reading space, minimize unnecessary noise, and provide flexible learning spaces.  Sometimes we are arranged for a particular activity/testing scenario.  Because of this, please ask before moving furniture.  

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