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Kim Dean - Attendance Clerk


Illness or other legitimate causes will be excused with the permission of the parent/guardian and the school principal up to 15 days within the school year. After 15 days of absence, excused or unexcused, a student must have a doctor’s verification for subsequent absences due to illness.


Phone calls to explain absences will not be accepted. Written notes from parent/guardians within 2 days of their return to school should include the student’s AIDE code, name, reason for absence, and date of absence.


Parental permission is required for any student leaving campus. All check-out notes will be taken to attendance before school. Proper identification and a signature will be required. Failure to comply with sign-out procedures will result in unexcused absences and disciplinary action. Students who ride the school bus to school in the morning may not leave campus without properly checking out of school. After exiting their bus, these students may not enter parking lot area.

Please email adddress [email protected] for check outs and absences.  Thank you.