For Immediate Release

July 16, 2020


DELAND – The Volusia County School Board is committed to ensuring every student has a safe and successful future. During the COVID-19 pandemic, VCS is required by the Florida Commissioner of Education’s Emergency Order to open schools with safety measures in place for students and staff. VCS is also committed to providing options to parents and teachers.

The options discussed at the Volusia County School Board special session on July 15 included:


Traditional Classroom Setting (as directed by Florida Department of Education) with Health & Safety Guidelines – Students attend school five days a week, as directed by the Florida Department of Education, with health and safety guidelines in place.

Volusia Live ( real-time live streaming) with Student's School of Enrollment (pending approval of FLDOE) – This option is pending approval by the Florida Department of Education. Students will remain at home but follow the same daily class schedule as their classmates who are in traditional school. Students will participate in classroom instruction by logging in on a device, and engaging with their teacher and classmates virtually, by using platforms such as Zoom or Teams (real-time live streaming). These students are expected to log in and out on time for class every day. They are also expected to engage in classroom activities. Attendance will be taken.

Enhanced Volusia Online Learning – This is an at-your-own pace, virtual option that has been available to VCS students for years. Volusia County teachers provide instruction in flexible formats. There is not a set schedule. Extra-curricular activities and clubs are available. Enrollment ends July 31, 2020. Please visit for more information.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to review the choices to better understand what might be best for their family. Pre-registration has not yet opened, but will open after the School Board votes.


The entire presentation is available here. Parents and community members can watch the video recording of the July 15 School Board meeting here.

Volusia County Schools’ plans remain fluid during these unprecedented times, but the School Board is expected to vote on the proposed plan at a special session at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 21. 
To speak during public participation periods of virtual school board meetings, please call 386-734-7190 extension 20236. Phone lines open half an hour before the meeting's scheduled start time. Please note, participants' phone numbers are visible on the screen during the virtual meeting and are available for the public to see.


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