2020-2021 PRHS City of Deltona Superstars

January 2021 - Juliana Campbell

February 2021 - Kady Martinez

March 2021 - Drelyn Nobels

April 2021 - Deidra Jones    

Student Panther of the Month

November 2020
9th Gabriel Guerrero
10th Molly Morrison
11th Kristen JnBaptiste
12th N/A

December 2020
9th N/A
10th Tanaysha Hall
11th Ryan Dick
12th Ezequiel Borrayo-Arias 

January 2021
9th Lauren Powell
10th Kamila Tirado Dones
11th Jose Adorno-Bermudez
12th Damion Nathan

February 2021
9th Grayson New
10th Jordan Scoullar
11th Kris Bivens
12th Drelyn Nobels

March 2021 -  
9th - Not Available
10th Leighana Bardwell
11th Not Available
12th Angel Rosado-Rios

Helpful Video Tutorials

Accessing Student Schedule

Student ID/Lanyard

All students must have a current school ID worn on a lanyard.  Both were provided at no cost.  However, if they lose their ID or leave it at home, they are required to purchase a replacement ID/lanyard for $5.00.  If they do not have the $5.00 on them then a $5.00 obligation will be generated and must be paid in order to clear the obligation. 

Balloon Grams - Send to your friends and/or teachers