School Counseling Department
FAX 407-688-9504

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Student's Last Name Counselor Extension Email

Class of 2023

Ms. Pereira 43531 [email protected]


Grades 9r-12

Mrs. Morin 43519 [email protected]


Grades 9r-12

Mrs. Allen 43558 [email protected]


Grades 9r-12

Mrs. Gilbert
Counseling Director
43522 [email protected]

Graduate Assurance

Mrs. Hettrick

Ms. Formoso



[email protected]

[email protected]

Guidance Desk

Ms. Phelan 43997 [email protected]


Ms. Santos 43532 [email protected]


Ms. Ramos 43624 [email protected]
Administrator Dr. Banks 43529 [email protected]

Tip of the Day

Thursday, April 9th – After studying, enjoy your hobby or start a new one.  Play an instrument, board game or cards, listen to music and dance, read or do a puzzle.

Wednesday, April 8th – Go outside – take a walk, watch and listen to wildlife, enjoy the sunshine.  Just remember social distancing.

Tuesday, April 7th – Balance this stay-at-home time with schoolwork, exercise, relaxation and fun.

Monday, April 6th – Feeling overwhelmed with all you think you need to accomplish?  Write everything down then prioritize the tasks.  Consider completing the easy ones first and doing the larger projects in smaller chunks of time.

Friday, April 3rd – Wishing you all a restful weekend. Humor is a great stress reducer.  Laughing can improve both physical and mental health. Watch one of your favorite comedic TV shows or movie.

Thursday, April 2nd – Stay connected – check in with your friends, teachers, school counselors, staff, administrators and especially your parents.  If you need someone to talk with, reach out to a person you are comfortable with and trust.

Wednesday, April 1st (April Fool’s Day) – We’re no fools!  We’re washing our hands and keeping our social distance!!  We are Panther Strong!!!

Tuesday, March 31st – Create a routine during this time at home as if you were attending school.  As you complete your subject assignments, be sure to include breaks and lunch time.  Reward yourself for a job well done.

Monday, March 30th – We miss you Panthers!  As we adjust to this new online environment, our counseling department will be sharing a “Tip of the Day” until we see each other once again!  Today is to remind you and encourage you to maintain daily self-care.  This includes eating and drinking healthy, getting a good night sleep, being physically active and doing something you enjoy!!!

Guidance Microsoft Teams extensions 386-575-4195

Guidance Microsoft Teams extensions – 386-575-4195 and the extensions below for Teams Microsoft phone and voicemail.


Gilbert – 76192

Pereira – 75972

Allen – 76651

Morin – 76038

Banks – 75822

Formoso – Gradation TOA 76746

Hettrick – Graduation TOA  76612

Llanos  Parent Liason– 76788

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