Pine Ridge High School has many clubs designed to meet the needs of our diverse student body. 

Check out the list of current clubs and find the one, or ones, for you! 

2019-2020 Black History Club


President: Brandon Jones

Vice President: Deone Dixon

Secretary: Tatyyanna Sailor

Treasurer: Armoni Acree

Historian: Ayanna Bradley

Teen Technology Team

2019-2020 FFA


President—Bella Siracusa
Vice president—Molly Schlobach
Student Advisor—Kenna Best
Secretary—Sparkle Rice
Treasurer—Sarah Edwards
Sentinel—Jonathan Candel
Reporter—Amber Calhoun
Historian—Ashley Welch

2019-2020 Student Government Association (SGA)


Sophomore Class

Activities Director: Albert Harris

Secretary: Sarah Ogburia

Vice President: Jillian Parrish

President: Allison Reese


Junior Class

Activities Director: Tia Binns

Activities Director: Tyler Schoenweiss

Secretary: Morgan Simpson 

Vice President: Adrian Cosentino

President: Tanner D'Errico


Senior Class

Activities Director: Quadir Saunders

Activities Director: Tatyana Binns

Secretary: Miguelina Osorio

Vice President: Chloe Arbogast

President: Andrew O'Connor


Executive Board

Activities Director: Bella Rauseo

Activities Director: Jade Lindlau

Secretary: Tyler Cioffi

Vice President: Daniela Lopez

President: Samantha Hoover